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From the CBC’s Almanac Program, April 29, 2013

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. (That’s according to Statistics Canada.) If you want to lower your risk, the usual advice is to see your physician.  Well a study published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal gives surprising evidence that maybe you should see a naturopath instead. House doctor […]

Free Naturopathic Clinic in BC

The Family Naturopathic Clinic, or FNC, is the only one of its kind in Canada: a free medical clinic serving young adults and children in a lower income group who can’t afford the services of naturopathic doctors. Funded entirely by donations, the FNC is a joint project of licensed NDs at Acacia Integrative Clinic in […]

Top 5 Reasons to Ban Cosmetic Pesticides

by Nazanine Parent, cancer survivor and Canadian Cancer Society BC and Yukon volunteer (reprinted with permission from cancergameplan.com) 1. No one should have to worry about children playing in the grass Children are at greater risk from pesticide exposure than adults because they play closer to the ground and their bodies are still developing. Cosmetic pesticides can be […]

Joyce Murray Supports Naturopathic Medicine

The federal Liberal party will select a new leader in just a matter of weeks.  Although there are several candidates running, the front runners are Trudeau and Murray.  The voting process for a leader involves “first” and “second” and “third” choices. In the process of voting it’s highly likely that the successful candidate is not […]

Naturopathic Medicine Week 2013

BC Naturopathic Medicine Week May 6 – 12, 2013 Join the BC Naturopathic Association as it celebrates 90 years of advancing primary care in 2013. Naturopathic doctors, clinics, and schools will open their doors to the public for open houses, free doctor visits, seminars, and more. Get on the Guest List Subscribe to our blog […]

BC Doctor Speaking at Film Festival

Some folk run for fun, some for the competition, others find inner peace and spirituality in running.  BCNA member Dr. Pushpa Chandra is a woman of small stature and great accomplishments.  She has run in some of the most harsh conditions on some of the most difficult terrain on the planet.  This year, at the […]

Naturopathic Medicine and Cancer

Across the province, patients undergoing standard cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, are seeking out naturopathic doctors (NDs) for adjunctive care.  Many of the immune-supporting therapies NDs provide can help patients recover from cancer treatment faster and support overall health.  Commonly called “adjunctive” cancer therapy, NDs focus on decreasing negative side effects of conventional […]

Keep Writing Those Letters!

A Naturopathic Patient Sent This Letter to Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid The following is a copy of a letter sent to the BC Minister of Health on October 19.  When you write to the minister, please remember to copy to BCNA as well.  Thanks! October 19th, 2012 Dear Hon. Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Health I […]

Sharing is Caring: Support Your ND

on your board! Post It, Tweet It, Pin It, Share It! Please [dcssb-link text=”Tell Your Friends”]. Click the [dcssb-link] button (top left) or copy the url for this post and share it on your Facebook wall, LinkedIn status, or by email. In 2008 the current Liberal government made a pledge to ensure that publicly funded […]

BC Naturopathic Doctors Need Your Help

In 2008 the current Liberal government made a pledge to ensure that publicly funded and privately owned medical laboratories in BC were accessible to licensed naturopathic doctors.  Unfortunately, that pledge has not been acted on. Please Ask the BC Government To Keep Their Promise With an election on the horizon, and a recent cabinet shuffle, […]