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Ayurvedic Pulse Technique Comments


Ayurvedic Pulse Technique (APT)


"Pulse, like a lamp, throws light on all the physiological and pathological states discovered in human being". (Raavana Tantra)




Saturday & Sunday, March 30 & 31, 2013


Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Both days)


Tuition: $290 per person before Jan 31, 2013,


after $350 per person


Learn the 5000-year-old ancient Indian art of ayurvedic pulse technique, and apply it to your life to preserve health and prevent illness.  Course participants will receive a theoretical overview of the holistic system of ayurveda and will also learn the practical approach of pulse technique to analyze their ongoing physiological changes. This unique ayurvedic pulse technique teaches participants how to detect imbalances in their early stages and act upon them before they manifest as illnesses. There is a lot of fun and understanding in learning this special age old technique and applying the knowledge immediately upon one's own physiology.




Participants will gain an overview of ayurveda and its theories and will learn how to DEVELOP: Detect ongoing physiological changes and imbalances in the surface and deep levels of the pulse. Eliminate toxins, enhance digestion and achieve optimum health. Verify the levels of Ama (toxic substance), Prana (Vital force), Tejas (Vital energy), and Ojas (Vital immunity) in the pulse. Evaluate imbalances in Agni (digestive or metabolic fire). Locate and feel the sub-doshas in the pulse. Observe and understand the organs and tissues(dhatu) pulse. Predict the influence of circadian cycles on the pulse




Course Outline: (Theory, demonstration, and hands on instruction of pulse analysis)


The importance of ayurvedic pulse technique (Nadi Vigyan) in classical ayurvedic description and references is illustrated through theory, demonstration and hands-on instruction of pulse analysis:




  • ·        How to feel the pulse, both balanced and imbalanced states
  • ·        Some important suggested times to feel the pulse
  • ·        Guidelines to feel the pulse correctly
  • ·        Identify the doshic pulse
  • ·        Locate different qualities of doshas in the pulse
  • ·        Know the locations and functions of vata, pitta, and kapha in the body
  • ·        Influence of bio-rhythms, seasons, and daily routine in the pulse
  • ·        Identify balanced and imbalanced pulse
  • ·        Signs and symptoms of balanced, increased, and decreased doshas in the pulse
  • ·        Doshic movement (Gati) in the pulse
  • ·        Sub-doshas of vata, pitta, and kapha in the pulse
  • ·        Identify prakriti (unique mind-body-soul constitution) of the individual through the pulse
  • ·        Know the dhatu pulse
  • ·        Detect prana, tejas, and ojas in the pulse


· Identify different organs' pulses in both wrists




Who Can Join:


All Health Care Professionals


Yoga Practitioners, therapists and students


Massage Therapists


Anyone interested to learn holistic, natural healing for his/her own wellness!


BENEFITS OF PULSE ANALYSIS INCLUDE:    a. Detection of imbalances at an early stage (prevention is better than cure) b. Detecting the root cause of imbalances c. Restoring balance through proper herbal supplements, diet, daily and seasonal routine, yogic postures, breathing exercises, meditation and some natural physiological cleansing processes or detoxification programs










Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, BAMS, MD-Ayurveda (India), LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), ERYT-500, RAS (Registered Ayurvedic Specialist) is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Licensed Integrative Bodywork and Massage Therapist, Certified Pranic Healer and is also a faculty member of several ayurvedic schools and colleges throughout the USA and abroad.   Dr. Shekhar has been practicing and teaching ayurveda since 1988 all around the world. He is the founder and president of Ojas Ayurveda Wellness Center ( and the Founding Director of AAPNA ( It is his vision and mission to bring ayurveda to the forefront of integrative medicine.



Saturday, 30 March, 2013





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