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Why and How to Set Clinician Boundaries Comments

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Gill Stannard is a highly respected clinician and also a business mentor. Gill is doing a number of webinars with us this year where she will be discussing the top questions and concerns that she gets from the many clinicians she has helped over the years. In each of these Practice Builders classes, Gill will discuss why these issues might be concerns for you, how they may be affecting your practice, and what you can do in each of these instances.

Gill Stannard received glowing feedback from her first webinar with Health Masters LIVE on Setting Client’s Expectations. The second of her 4-part webinar series addresses Clinician Boundaries. We likely don’t talk about this enough. Gill finds that boundary issues are a cause of considerable stress and uncertainty in her mentees and probably also in their patients.

Gill will Discuss:

  • Do practitioners need boundaries?
  • Boundary crossing and burnout
  • Personal boundaries
  • How much to share with a client?
  • Can friends and family be patients?
  • Time �" the final boundary frontier!
    • How to get a client back on track in a consultation
    • Managing patient communication outside of a consultation
  • Keeping work at work

In this webinar, Gill will outline what she means by boundaries and how boundary conflict is causing you and your patients stress. She will share with you how to best define your boundaries and make these clear and unchallenging for your clients. These are highly interactive sessions so come with all of your questions and we do our best to help you build your successful, sustainable practice.

Monday, 04 March, 2019







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