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Food and the Physiology of Cancer Comments

More than most conditions we see, cancer is highly influenced by diet. Because of this, there are many dietary strategies that have been recommended for cancer. In this webinar, Dr Nalini Chilkov will give us a clear picture of how cancer physiology is influenced by the food we eat so that we can help our patients make sense of the many therapeutic dietary options they have.

The tumour microenvironment is quite different from healthy tissue and it is critical that we understand this difference in order to prescribe effective dietary cancer strategies. We are best to only recommend therapeutic diets when we specifically understand what they are looking to achieve.

Food and diets are a very large part of the health picture of our patients and this class is part of the Health Masters LIVE effort to expand our understanding of the impact of what our patients are eating. If natural or medical treatments could do what therapeutic diets can do to prevent and assist cancer care, we would be overjoyed. It’s time to dig deep on these highly therapeutic strategies and Nalini has prepared a comprehensive discussion for us on this critical topic including:

  • Statistics and cancer incidence
  • The tumour microenvironment
  • Integrative model of cancer support
  • Unique nutrient needs of cancer patients and survivors
  • Epigenetic impact of food on gene expression
  • Signalling in the tumour microenvironment
  • The Warburg effect
  • Onco-inflammation
  • Effects of
      • The microbiome
      • Obesity and glycemic control
  • Selected therapeutics diets that influence cancer metabolism
      • OutSmart cancer diet
      • Ketogenic
      • Paleo
      • Zone
      • Plant-based
      • Vegan and vegetarian
      • CHO Restriction
      • Gerson
      • Juicing
      • Raw
      • Alkaline
      • Mediterranean
      • Intermittent fasting
      • Fasting-mimicking diets
      • Calorie restriction
  • The effects of diet components
      • Alcohol
      • Fibre
      • O3 Fatty acids
      • Phytochemicals
      • Macro and micronutrients
      • Functional foods
  • Unique nutrient and caloric needs
  • Digestive function Impairment
  • Mucositis
  • Enteritis
  • Microbiome disruption
  • Body composition: Sarcopenia and cachexia
  • Soy controversy
  • Phyto-oestrogens and breast cancer


  • Learn how the tumour microenvironment functions
  • Understand the relationship between food, epigenetic signalling and the tumour microenvironment
  • Understand the impact that phytochemicals in food have on oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes
  • Be able to apply guidelines for selecting therapeutic diets for individual cancer patients
  • Be able to implement strategies for calorie and nutrient repletion in cancer patients
  • Be able to skillfully apply therapeutic diets for special-needs cancer patients and survivors

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019







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