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Microbiome Masterclass Two Comments

8 lessons online
90 minutes per lesson
Receive a certificate for 12 CE hours
Attend LIVE online and/or watch ON DEMAND
6 months to watch and review


Your Patient’s Microbiome is now a necessary consideration for almost all of their presentations. As the research on the various Microbiome Populations progresses, we are gaining a rapidly-growing awareness of the importance of our gut flora on all of our body systems. This new research is opening up many new therapeutic options for you. The Microbiome Masterclass II will update you on the major recent advances that have been made in this fascinating field and specifically those that you can use in clinical care.

Gain a comprehensive insight into many and varied effects our bacterial companions are having.

The Microbiome Masterclasses II presents the latest Microbiome-Related Topics including The Microbiome and Obesity, Cardiometabolic Disease and Diabetes, The Infant Microbiome, The Oral Microbiome, The Vaginal Microbiome, the tight interrelationship between the Microbiome and Immune Function, and the fascinating correlation between our Mitochondrial Function and our Microbiome.

All of these new topics come with clear discussions of how to best restore the normal populations, diversity and resilience to your patient’s various microflora communities. See the program below for the full details on all of the topics you will be covering in the Microbiome Masterclass II.


  • Know how to recognise when your patient’s microbiome in contributing to their presentation
  • Learn the lastest investigative tests to assess the gut microflora diversity and function
  • Know when to address the microbiome as a valuable therapeutic option
  • Learn how the microbiome changes through our life cycle
  • Help your patients maintain healthy weight by repairing microbial balance in their gut
  • Learn how vitally important your infant patient’s microbiome is to their development and life-long health
  • Understand how the oral microbiome functions and impacts a surprising range of conditions
  • Discover the fascinating association between our mitochondria and our microbiome
  • Learn how to use prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics in specifically appropriate conditions
  • Receive clear protocols on how to improve our patient’s microbiome

Thursday, 28 November, 2019







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