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The Natural Thyroid Masterclass Comments

9 Module Online Webinar Series

Recognising the interrelationships that can disrupt the thyroid is critical to developing an effective care plan. With this in mind, we have a program that introduces some important new concepts. One of these is that the thyroid is a regulatory organ and is necessarily sensitive and responsive to other functions in the body. It’s trying to keep our metabolism balanced as best it can. When we have toxic, inflammatory, hormonal or several other imbalances, then thyroid function is affected. It may not be a primary thyroid problem, but you’ll see thyroid symptoms.

In the updated Thyroid Masterclass we take a holistic view of thyroid dysfunction and catch up on the new advances in the understanding of hormonal dysregulation. The original natural Thyroid Masterclass was run three years ago. This program will be a valuable update for those who joined us for the 2015 class.

From the comprehensive Thyroid Diagnostics discussion with Elizma Lambert, through Eric Balcavage’s discussions on Physiologic Causes of Thyroid Problems and Thyroid Allostasis to the treatment presentations, you will get a new perspective on your thyroid patients. Dr Carrie Jones updates us on the exogenous causes of thyroid dysfunction, and Darin Ingels introduces infectious agents as an important and likely under-recognised contributor.

The Thyroid Masterclass 2018 takes us much further into endocrine disorders. It will give you many new ideas and opportunities to help your patients with a wide range of conditions, some that we may not have always associated with thyroid.

See the website for the full program details as well as the presenter bios. 

Thursday, 01 March, 2018



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