CNPBC Continuing Education Policy

Current Cycle Ends: Dec 31st 2019

Cat A 5 Hours
Cat B 15 Hours (Extra flows into Cat C)
Cat C & D 20 Hours
Total CE Required 40 Hours
Pharmacotherapy 10 Hours
Certifications 2 hours each

Five Hours Category A

This is attendance at an AGM. The next opportunity to obtain these hours will be on Saturday May 12th 2018 at UBC “The Nest”

No per-registration is required. There is no fee to attend.

15 Hours Category B

This is attendance at a professional conference such as the BCNA ANM, Northwest or Health Fusion. BCNA’s ANM2018 will be held on Friday October 12, Saturday October 13 & Sunday October 14 2018 , in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Center.

20 Hours Category C & D

Category C hours are available through these seminars:

  • Seminars sponsored by any other medical and professional organizations such as chiropractic, medical, nursing, psychology, acupuncture, etc.
  • Nutriceutical and pharmaceutical company sponsored educational seminars
  • Teleconference, web-conference, video and audio recordings of seminars, computer-based learning programs and all other distant-learning programs

Category D hours are granted on the basis of 1 hour for each 2 hours of activity. Hours may be credited for the following activities:

  • CNPBC or BCNA Committee or Board service
  • Teaching: Naturopathic doctors offering courses or workshops to either the public or professionals
  • Preceptors or Preceptorships: This represents taking on a preceptor student or preceptoring with another health professional. Hours are granted on the basis of 2 hours per day of preceptoring.
  • Personal and Business Development courses related to business, office management, accounting,financial management, communication skills, leadership development, public speaking and related topics.

Pharmacotherapy 10 Hours

To see a list of pre-approved pharm hours, link to CNPBC and log into the ROSS system.  In the 2018/2019 CE cycle, BCNA plans to how two five hour pharm events, both on the Sunday following the spring AGMs.  In 2018, the pharm day will be Sunday, May 13 at UBC

Registrants who are certified in prescribing authority are required to obtain 10 additional hours per 2-year CE period over and above the 40 hours required by all registrants. Registrants who take the prescribing authority training and obtain certification are not required to meet the 10 hour requirement until the next 2 year CE period. These prescribing authority training hours may not be used towards the 40 hours needed by all registrants. Registrants taking the 10 hours in a single prescribing topic (e.g. bioidentical hormones) may only use that category once and need to take other topics in the future. It is permissible to take the same topic again if it is part of a multi-topic prescribing review.

Certifications Two hours each (Under CNPBC Review)

CNPBC has adopted a currency model for certifications.  If you have performed each certification at least 50 times during a two-year CE cycle you do not require additional education.  If you have not documented 50 treatments over a CE cycle you will need two hours education in each certification for which you fell below the 50 treatment threshold.

For those registrants who have failed to fulfill their continuing education requirements, the following penalties will apply:

1. Payment of a fine, which is due immediately upon expiration of the current continuing education period. The fine will be $50.00 for each outstanding hour, to a maximum of $250.00.

2. If more than 20 hours are outstanding, this results in immediate referral to the Registrar. This may in turn result in referral to the Board for licensing restriction.

3. The outstanding credit hours must be completed within 6 months of the subsequent continuing education period.

4. If compliance with the above penalties does not occur within the time specified, the registrant’s name will be forwarded to the CNPBC Board for suspension of their license to practice.

5. In the instance of a discrepancy between a member and the CNPBC office, the matter will be referred to the Quality Assurance Committee for resolution.

New Registrants

New registrants of the CNPBC will be required to fulfill continuing education hours on a pro-rated basis.

For new registrants, the 2-year continuing education period will be divided into four terms of 6 months each. Each term represents the equivalent of 10 credit hours, prorated for every 6 months of registration.

Certification credit hours will be prorated on a similar basis with one certification CE hour being required for each 6 months of registration.

In the case of maternity/parental leave an allowance of one-half of the total credit hours for the period is granted.