Clinic Requirements / Recommendations

Naturopathic Office Checklist

Courtesy of the CNPBC and the Quality Assurance Committee, the following items are required in each naturopathic office in British Columbia.

Emergency Kit

Oxygen and nasal cannula and mask attachments, nitroglycerine, salbutamol, smelling salts, surgical gloves, biohazard containers, NaCl solution and or D5W bag with tubing and needle attachment, epinephrine 1:1000, syringes, benadryl IM,PO,

Medical Supplies

Blood pressure cuff, weight scale, stethoscope, otoscope, opthalmoscope, reflex hammer and thermometer.

Disposal of biohazard materials

Sharps container for needle disposal: Venipuncture, Intravenous, Intramuscular, and Acupuncture Treatments. There should be an approved biohazard disposable container for bodily fluids and blood products.

Health Hazard Protocol

Sink, garbage and biohazard containers along with medical grade antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal cleaning product(s) –example: Caviwipes

Safety Guidelines

Health and fire safety regulations should be in accordance to your local municipality. (Example: emergency evacuation procedures, valid fire extinguisher and exit


Office space should meet minimum sanitary guidelines in accordance with a professional medical office setting.


Ensure all dispensed products have not exceeded the expiration date . The clinic must follow the Health Canada guidelines for reporting adverse reaction incidents.

Advertising & Signage

All promotional items including with respects to diplomas, business license, business cards, clinic, brochures, should be in accordance with the CNPBC guidelines.

Health Intake, Consent and Fee Schedule Forms

Every clinic should use appropriate health intake forms, consent to treat forms and a printed fee schedule.

Patient Files

To be stored in a controlled area and must adhere to patient confidentiality. Policies and procedures must be in effect for implementation of provincial and federal privacy guidelines. Files storage and dissemination of the file(s) should also comply with protection of privacy legislation. (PoP)