Talking With Naturopathic Doctors

The British Columbia Naturopathic Association is proud to present Talking With Naturopathic Doctors. Here you will find NDs from across BC giving insight to their practice, natural approaches to common aliments and why they are so passionate about what they do.

Video Of The Week

Dr Joseph Cheng

Dr. Cheng discusses leaky gut syndrome and complementary care.

Dr Heidi Lescanec

Dr. Lescanec discusses food for optimal health.

Dr Bob Van Horlick

Dr. Bob discusses how mind and body and spirit intersect with good health.

Dr Taylor Bean

Dr. Taylor Bean discusses well child care.

Dr Jeannie Doig

Dr. Jeannie Doig discusses managing adrenal fatigue.

Dr Emily Habert

Dr. Emily Habert provides tips and ideas for supporting a healthy lifestyle

Dr Nora Shilo

Dr. Nora Shilo addresses infertility.

Dr Andrea Gansner

Dr. Andrea Gansner discusses health considerations for menopausal women.

Dr Nicole Cerf

Dr. Nicole Cerf talks about adrenal glands and well being.

Dr Martha Reid

Dr. Martha Reid discusses considerations for weight loss.

Dr Rida Wang

Dr. Rida Wang discusses women’s health and fertility issues

Dr Amy Rolfsen

Dr. Amy Rolfsen discusses treating chronic pain.

Dr Robyn Prescott

Dr. Robyn Prescott’s top three preventive medicines for your purse or briefcase.

Dr Justyna Sommer

Dr. Justyna Sommer discusses thyroid health.

Dr Sanjay Mohan Ram

Dr. Sanjay Mohan Ram discusses adjunctive cancer care.

Dr Pamela Smith

Dr. Pamela Smith addresses “morning sickness” during pregnancy.

Dr Tonia Winchester

Dr. Tonia Winchester discusses using castor oil packs for treatment of pain.

Dr Asifa Maherali

Dr. Asifa Maherali discusses optimal body composition.

Dr David Milanovich

Dr. David Milanovich discusses a naturopathic approach to acute injuries.

Dr Lisa Ghent

Dr. Lisa Ghent discusses ways for new mums to stay energized and healthy with prioritization.

Dr Paula Fainstat

Dr. Paula Fainstat discusses the misunderstanding and mismanagement of concussions.

Dr. Stephanie Peltz

Dr. Stephanie Peltz discusses nutritional considerations for expectant mums.

Dr Nari Pidutti

Dr Pidutti discusses eczema in children and how naturopathic medicine has greatly benefited not only her patients, but her own family as well.

Dr Sharon Gurm

Dr Gurm discusses cancer and how her naturopathic approach to oncology care, helps her patients every single day.

Dr Nora Shilo

Dr Shilo discusses infertility and how a naturopathic approach can seamlessly compliment traditional medical care.

Dr Jae Marr

Dr Marr discuses the various benefits of nutrition and the difference between dieting and a healthy approach to food.

Dr Tonia Winchester

Dr Winchester discusses anxiety and how she is able to approach and assist her patients with naturopathic medicine.

Dr Alex Chan

Dr Chan discusses the most deadly disease we face today, cancer. How she approaches it and her personal connection to the diagnosis that every 1 in 3 people will face in their lifetime.

Dr Maya Kuczma

Dr Kuczma discusses one of the most common problems NDs see in their clinic, auto immune diseases.