The federal Liberal party will select a new leader in just a matter of weeks. 

Although there are several candidates running, the front runners are Trudeau and Murray.  The voting process for a leader involves “first” and “second” and “third” choices. In the process of voting it’s highly likely that the successful candidate is not the front runner.

While BCNA is a provincial organization and doesn’t have a stake in the leadership race, we have in the past endorsed Joyce Murray for her strong support towards complementary medicine in general and specifically naturopathic medicine.  She has been a long term and tireless supporter for freedom of choice in health care and for greater recognition for licensed NDs to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

This YouTube video is Murray endorsing Naturopathic Medicine Week, an annual national health event, in federal parliament.

In fact, when Murray was working on her university degree, it was her intention to attend naturopathic college.  But as she noted in a recent SFU interview:

“I did pre-medical undergraduate work at SFU, and I never completed my degree, because I began building a tree-planting business, and that…started to grow very quickly, and I had to make a choice.  So consequently I didn’t—I never continued on my intended path, which was naturopathic medicine… then I went back as a mature student in 1989 and I did an executive MBA program at Simon Fraser.”

If you are considering making a political donation this year, please consider contributing to Murray’s campaign.  Maybe you know a group of like-minded people that would support her platform and want to hold a small dinner, or casual fundraiser, or would like to donate directly: Any amount would be much appreciated.  In addition, tax incentives on political donations are quite generous  For example, a $400 donation provides a 75 per cent tax deduction; so, in the end, a $400 donation only “costs” a person $100.

For more information visit; for donations, and to tabulate your tax credit, choose the donate tab.