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Today’s Theme: Principles of Health

The first step in achieving and maintaining health is taking personal responsibility. The second step is taking the appropriate action to achieve the results you desire.

Research published in the January 6, 2015 Journal of American College of Cardiology confirms just how substantially young women can lower their future heart disease risk by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Six healthy lifestyle factors were assessed (based on not smoking, body mass index, physical activity, TV viewing, diet, and alcohol consumption) and followed over a period of twenty years in young women (age 27-44) and were found to be independently and significantly linked to less future heart and cardiovascular disease risk.

Quick Facts

The researchers found that compared to women who had none of the “healthy lifestyle” habits, women who had all six healthy habits were:


For More Information

Read the abstract or listen to the audio commentary: Healthy Lifestyle in the Primordial Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Among Young Women, Journal of the American College of Cardiology (content.onlinejacc.org)

Quote of the Day

Doctor Dorothy Fairley

Doctor Dorothy Fairley

Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver BC

"It has been proven to me over and over again, that the most efficient treatment of any condition is to treat the cause. Doing otherwise just prolongs the process."

Naturopathic doctors can help you take the steps to a healthier lifestyle.

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