Re: IV Vitamins Sound Healthy – but are they?
August 25, 16

Two professors spent the time to catalogue a number of concerns regarding the care provided by licensed naturopathic doctors. It’s unfortunate they didn’t take the time to find the answers, all readily available.

Both MDs and NDs have a regulatory college. NDs do not practice in “an unregulated environment” or without “review or regulation.” In fact, the education, training and licensing is beyond rigorous. The College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC ensures educational and continuing education standards are met for any invasive procedure. Mandatory emergency medical training, such as ACLS, is equivalent to or greater than what is required for general practitioners. To raise the “concern” that these standards wouldn’t be in place is disingenuous at best.

They state that “alternative” medicine is a lucrative business. I would argue that pharmaceutical interventions are the lucrative business. In fact, the BBC has reported that the top ten pharmaceutical companies, whose profit totalled nearly $400 billion (US) last year, are guilty of collusion, profiteering and bribing doctors. Is the problem really vitamin therapy “eroding the public trust in the health profession”? The hypocrisy of their statement is baffling.

The researchers lament the fact that double blind research, the “gold standard” for medical investigation, is lacking in respect to vitamin therapy. Well don’t we all. The implication is that there are tens of millions of research dollars sitting unspent in some well of apathy. The truth is, if as professors at an educational institution, they can’t find the millions of dollars to fund the research they note is lacking, then it’s unlikely the research will ever be done. Their collective guilt, as researchers, is equivalent to any other group. That is simply how medicine works: research is linked to patented drugs, therapies, tests and profits. I would welcome these professors to step in and fill the research void they claim is so essential. Unfortunately, I think it’s much easier for them to proclaim their view, however partial, from the sidelines, without taking proactive steps to resolve their concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Eleonora Shilo, ND, BSc
Yinstill Reproductive Wellness
Vancouver, BC