The BCNA wants to acknowledge the pain, frustration, and anguish that has occurred as a result of the death of George Floyd, as well as many other black and indigenous lives before him. As an organization and a community, we do not tolerate the systemic racism that is still pervasive in our society in 2020. We ask that each and every one of our members, and their patients, seek guidance and support to help you move beyond your biases, to see your judgements, to change the patterning of your beliefs as this is what will help change the status quo.

We encourage everyone to consider the circumstances that communities of colour are experiencing, and to take into account the individual, and mental and emotional safety and wellness of these communities, especially right now. We believe it starts with acknowledging that we live in a society in which structural oppression is a public health crisis.

As our board is currently an elected group of white women and men, we would like to publicly acknowledge our inherent privilege and the part we play in a system of oppression. We know this does not reflect the diversity of our membership or our respective communities. We need to do better. Our board of directors is committed to zero-tolerance for discrimination, and is active in ensuring the outreach, advocacy, and continuing education we support for our members embraces the ethical complexities of tackling racism in society in general and the provision of health care specifically.

The BCNA Board of Directors believes that Canada should be a country where every person has the ability to reach their full health potential regardless of their colour, religion, culture or ethnic origin. Steps are required by all levels of government, organizations and citizens to identify and take corrective action to eliminate racist behaviours. These actions are neither simple nor easy, but they are essential if Canada is to become the inclusive nation that is embodied in its Constitution.

– BCNA Board of Directors