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About The Association

The BCNA is the professional association for naturopathic physicians in BC. We act on behalf of and for the profession to promote the services provided by and the integrity and honour of the naturopathic profession.

We act to advance the scientific, educational, professional and economic welfare of all members of the profession in BC. And we act as agent, trustee or otherwise for naturopathic physicians in BC in connection with collective bargaining, remuneration for services, insurance and other legislative matters.

We do not licence doctors, administer board exams or publicly investigate patient claims regarding professional misconduct.

Practically, this translates into a number of duties and responsibilities. These include, but are not exclusive to:

  • The publication of newsletters as well as related publicity materials;
  • contact info in each Yellow Pages directory across the province;
  • the provision of referrals (by phone, fax and e-mail) to prospective patients across the province;
  • as well as providing contact info for other provinces and states.

We are linked to the national naturopathic association, the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. We support the annual national proactive health event, Naturopathic Medicine Week, during the first week of May.