Marine Drive Naturopathic is offering 20% of vitamin IV therapy and $20 metabolic shots to increase mood, energy and strengthen the immune system.

Try vitamin IV therapy and metabolic shots during Naturopathic Medicine Week!

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Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic

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This is an Advanced Course for those already holding IV Certification.

Topics include:

Amino Acids,  Taurine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Cysteine, Glutamine, Lysine, Glycine, Alanine, GABA  and Amino Acid Combinations

Review of Vitamins and Minerals


Alpha Lipoic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Complex-Poly MVA

Phosphatidyl Choline



Botanicals and Homeopathics

How to Compound your Own Custom Formulas

Practicum in IV Catheters

Success Tips and Clinical Pearls




Boucher:  435 Columbia St.  New Westminster

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky

Saturday  8: 30  to 5:30 pm

  • Rationale for IV Therapy
  • Pros and Cons of IV Therapy
  • Lab Tests for IV Therapy
  • Review of Anaphylaxis Treatment and other emergency medical procedures
  • IV complications and their management and prevention
  • Sterile Technique and Infection Control
  • IM, Subcutaneous and Intradermal Injections
  • Practicum on Intradermal Injections, IM, SC
  • IV Equipment Review
  • Vein Selection
  • Venipuncture Methods
  • Nutrients used in IV Therapies
  • Meyers Cocktail
  • IV Checklist
  • Practicum: IV Meyers Push

Sunday :  8 30 am to 4 pm

  • Fluid Balance, Fluid Compartments, Electrolytes
  • Acid-Base Balance
  • Osmolarity, Tonicity
  • Calculation of Osmolarity for IV Solution
  • IV Bag Preparation
  • IV Protocols
  • Rates of Administration
  • Calculation of Drip Rates
  • IV Documentation
  • Preparation of Patient for IV therapy
  • Practicum IV Meyers Drip
  • Written Exam on IV Therapy Principles
  • Practical Sign-off on IV Preparation, Administration and Management





For Intravenous and Oral Chelation Certification

March 13-14, 2022   Saturday and Sunday  9-5 ( approx.)

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky , MA, ND

Location :  Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine,

New Westminster

Cost  $1,000 plus GST

$ 100 discount for early registration by January 15,2022

Email address  :  and Cell #  778-866-3351



8:30 am  Introduction and the History of Chelation Therapy

9:30      Heavy Metals

10:30  Break

11:00      Pharmacology and Mechanisms of Chelation

12- 1:00 pm     Lunch Break

1:00         Laboratory Testing and Patient Evaluation

2:00         Contraindications  to Chelation

3:00        Break

3 : 30     Oral Chelation  :  Challenge Testing and Treatment Protocols

4: 00     Nutrition for Heavy Metal Toxicity

4:30         IV Chelation Introduction

5: 00    End of Day 1








8:30    IV Challenge Testing

9:00    IV Treatment Procedures and Protocols

10:00    Break

10:30   IV Treatment Procedures and Protocols

11:00  Atherosclerosis and Chelation

12: 00  to 1 :00 Pm   Lunch

1:00    Studies of Chelation Efficacy

1:30    IV Chelation Practicum

3:00    Written Exam

4:00    End of Class



Plenareno Fertility and Gynecology Conference (Webinar) focus on cutting edge program of eminent international experts, with a wide range of concurrent sessions focusing on specialized areas in fertility, gynecology and reproductive biology. This event brings together established international experts and new investigators to discuss the newest findings and latest conundrums of Gynecology and Womens Health.

Target Audience:

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologists
  • Andrologists
  • IVF Professionals
  • Endocrinologists
  • Embryologists
  • Gynecological Pathologists
  • Gynecological Oncologists
  • Pharmacotherapists
  • Endoscopic Surgeons

Conference Central Topics:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Fertility and Infertility
  • Reproductive Health and Medicine
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Fertility Surgery and IVF Treatment
  • Pregnancy and Child Birth
  • Maternal – Fetal Medicine
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Gynecologic Endocrinology
  • Novel Developments in Reproductive Technology