Ozone Therapy Certification Course


Course Breakdown


  • Theory (25% of class time):
    • History of ozone therapy
    • Current understanding of mechanisms of action
    • Summary of current literature on ozone therapy
    • Clinical applications
    • Case reports
  • Practicum (75% of class time):
    • Intravenous ozone therapy (major autohemotherapy, ozonated saline therapy)
    • Intraarticular ozone injections (shoulder, hip, knee, ankle)
    • Soft tissue ozone injections (SC, IM, periapical)
    • Ozone intestinal insufflation, sinus ozonide therapy, ozone limb bagging, ozonated oil, minor autohemotherapy

Eligibility Requirements

  • Attendees must have the ability to perform IV therapy
    • attendees who only wish to learn non-IV ozone therapy can contact Dr. Rade to seek special permission
  • Attendees will be required to practice parenteral ozone therapies on one another
    • Dosages can be modified for any attendees with pre-existing health concerns – please contact Dr. Rade before registering to discuss

Graduation Criteria

  • Attendees must demonstrate the following to receive the certificate of completion:
    • An understanding of the theory and current scientific knowledge behind ozone therapy
    • Successful completion of major autohemotherapy
    • Injections of all of the following types:
      • Intraarticular knee, hip, shoulder, ankle
      • Subcutaneous/Intramuscular
      • Periapical
    • Verbal understanding on how to perform non-IV/injection ozone therapy





East Coast Naturopathic Clinic

30 Damascus Rd – Unit 101

Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 0C1


Time and Date

Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 and Sunday, Oct 3, 2021

09:00 – 17:00 both days



$800 CAD + 15% sales tax


Maximum Number of Attendees



Registration Contact



Instructor Details

Dr. Bryan Rade ND has been using ozone therapy extensively since 2011, after completing courses with Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD.  He is a founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT) and he was a guest speaker at the 2017 and 2021 AAOT annual conferences.  He has lectured on ozone therapy, along with other injection therapies, for the sports medicine elective program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and lectured on ozone therapy at the 2019 American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine annual conference.  Ozone is a major part of Dr. Rade’s practice in which he specializes in treating patients with chronic health issues such as persistent borreliosis/coinfections, neurological disorders, cancer and others.  A major portion of his practice also focuses on treating chronic pain for which he uses ozone along with prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, neural therapy and/or perineural injection therapy (“neural prolotherapy”).  His ozone therapy certification course has been running since 2017.

NARIT offers injection therapy training modules designed to meet the pending CNPBC requirements and CE hours for Part A and B Advanced Injection Therapy (AIT). Each module is 3 days totaling 24 hours in lectures, with a strong focus on hands-on training.

The course is designed to integrate RIT with the physical medicine portion of your practice. No experience is necessary to attend module 1. Expect your interest and experience in orthopedics and physical medicine to be greatly enhanced and your treatment outcomes to excel. Patient management, business practicalities, practice success and the safe integration of RIT into your practice are essential aspects of this training program. As a general guideline, instruction time will be 50% practicum.


Please note: Only applicants whose medical board allows the right to these above mentioned injections will be accepted.

Naturopathic doctors must have prescribing rights. Although no prolotherapy experience is necessary to attend module 1, success in the course is facilitated with your knowledge in the basics of physical medicine practice, including anatomy and orthopedics.

Course module 1 or equivalent needs to be completed prior to applying for course module 2 and advanced modules. Applicants will be practicing injection therapies on each other and should be prepared to administer and receive injections. Surrogates are welcomed but must be arranged ahead of time with NARIT, please contact us via email at